Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our people create a sustainable and healthy environment

As a company, Astrum creates a framework to empower people from every social class. We employ juniors, experts, locals and non-locals to reach a diverse culture and encourage innovation in the work place. We believe that people are the assets of our business and we train them to build a sustainable and healthy environment.

Our people and the

Kingdom’s vision 2030

Astrum supports the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and promotes the localization of talents. We realize that it is important to reward the valuable contributions of the right people and we empower our employees to reach their ambitions.

A healthy environment

and its impact to society

Astrum reduces the environmental impact by using eco-friendly equipment and material. We educate communities about the impact of an unhealthy facility and the methods to prevent it. This is why we deliver the most advanced technology to make the planet live longer.

Our services and your


Astrum’s business model is to increase the life of our customer’s assets and minimizing their expenditure on facility services. Our core responsibility is utilizing assets and reducing the need of purchasing new assets.