that benefit from us


Astrum provides efficient and high-quality services for home owners across the region. Our mobile teams have a fast response rate to repair any issues or damages that might occur in your home. Our customers can enjoy by having a one-time service or even choosing from our monthly & yearly subscriptions.


The aviation experience begins from the parking lots to the entrances and terminal gates and can extend all the way from departure and landing and more. We can help airports create a joyful experience for their passengers, guests, and employees through internationally accepted standards.


Commercial buildings are important investments and revenue is made through leasing of properties to many different sectors. At Astrum, we can create a service program that will maintain the value of your assets and provide a safe, secure, and hygienic environment for your tenants.


that benefit from us


As an emerging sector in the Kingdom to attract tourism and create many different hotels, our expertise in operating different types of buildings can help you welcome your guests in a clean and hygienic environment. We will be involved with you in all the details to ensure your standards are being delivered.


For over a decade, we have worked with many different government bodies. We have operated and maintained open military camps, private high-rise builds, near sea shore, deserted and suburban area, though long-term facility management contracts.

Health Care

Hospitals and nursing centers focus on improving the health of their patients. We improve the patient’s care and deliver the needs of maintaining the buildings to keep them running at all times through internationally accepted hygienic methods.


The Banking industry is one of the most important to society because they create a safe and secure environment for currency and wealth. We understand their role in society and this is why we cover their corporate offices and high-rise branches through our 24/7 mobile maintenance teams to ensure their buildings are operating at all times.


As another emerging industries through the Kingdom’s vision 2030, we will help you promote and reach the highest standards in security, cleanliness and maintenance which will attract and create joyful moments for visitors.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls focus on creating experiences through their wide range of retail shops, food & beverage, and entertainment. We can help you enrich the experiences of your employees and visitors which will increase the overall leasing value of the malls.


Astrum provides a tailored business model for every education facility. We understand the difference from preschooling all the way to higher education and universtioes. Our services will increase the quality of students, teachers , parents and vistors.